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IGS has over 20 years’ experience in searching for missing beneficiaries throughout the world. Our specialized experience guarantees the quality of our service to the legal profession. We are confident that you will find our thorough research to be of assistance to you in the administration of any estate. In the event of a beneficiary remaining untraced after all research avenues have been exhausted, a comprehensive research report prepared by us can be used in order to obtain ‘Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance’ which will act as a safeguard against any future claims.

IGS does not necessarily require a great deal of information in order to assess your requirements, however, the more information you provide, the greater the chances of success.

If you feel that we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us with details of your particular requirements. Guidelines regarding our fees are outlined below. Our fees cover all research and administrative costs, which include obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates required in order to document a claim supported by a corresponding family tree.

Contingency Fees

We generally find that most solicitors favour a contingency fee arranged directly with any beneficiaries we locate, based on a percentage of the amount due to previously unknown beneficiaries. The contingency fee therefore only applies to that portion of the estate due to unknown or untraced beneficiaries and does not impact upon beneficiaries whose details are already known to you.

Fixed Fees

In certain circumstances, you may prefer to agree costs. This may be the preferred option when attempting to trace particular individuals. Upon receipt of an outline of your requirements, we can provide an estimate of fees and associated outlay and will conduct the research within a specified timescale and a budget agreed with you.

Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance

Occasionally, in spite of your enquiries and our very best efforts, it is possible that a beneficiary remains untraced. In such circumstances, a comprehensive research report compiled by us can be utilized by you in order to obtain insurance protection.

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